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Re: recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 08:19:36AM -0600, Flood Randy Capt AFCA/TCAA wrote:
> "Hey, have anyone tried to recompile the kernel in the last version of
> RH 7.2?  I am trying to optimize for routing and build iptables into the
> kernel but it is proving to be difficult.  

The stock Red Hat kernel includes iptables (as a module).  Unless it
is going to route some *serious* bandwidth, it should work just fine.
(And a lot of those routing optimizations don't play nice with
iptables anyway.)

> I get the no init found kernel panic try passing init= to kernel.  I
> have tried doing the initrd /boot/newinit-image 2.4.7-10 even though I
> don't need SCSI and I don't enable them in the make menuconfig.

First of all, there's a newer kernel in the updates (2.4.9-13).

Second, if someone is going to bother compiling a new kernel, I always
suggest getting the latest stable kernel source (note: that's not
always "the latest kernel").  At the moment, that's either 2.4.17 or
the current rawhide kernel.

> I took a peek at the discussion groups on the Red Hat site (Kernel's
> Spicey Chicken), there are some post that say gcc is broke and you need
> to edit the makefile and change the HOSTCC=gcc to HOSTCC=kgcc, than
> install appropriate RPMs and try again but not luck for me.

Red Hat doesn't include "kgcc" (which was just the egcs from RH 6.2)
anymore.  It has its own share of bugs.

> A few have said the their solution was to go back to RH 6.2.

Apparently those people don't know what they are doing.  :-)

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