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recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2


Has anyone had problems recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2? My friend
Dan, who used to work with me here, and is pretty experienced in Linux,
wrote me and said:

"Hey, have anyone tried to recompile the kernel in the last version of
RH 7.2?  I am trying to optimize for routing and build iptables into the
kernel but it is proving to be difficult.  

I get the no init found kernel panic try passing init= to kernel.  I
have tried doing the initrd /boot/newinit-image 2.4.7-10 even though I
don't need SCSI and I don't enable them in the make menuconfig.

I took a peek at the discussion groups on the Red Hat site (Kernel's
Spicey Chicken), there are some post that say gcc is broke and you need
to edit the makefile and change the HOSTCC=gcc to HOSTCC=kgcc, than
install appropriate RPMs and try again but not luck for me.  A few have
said the their solution was to go back to RH 6.2.

By the way, if you are going to make a router/FW from an old 486--  RH
7.2 will not install on 486SX, it will give the error: No math
coprocessor found, No math emulator found, GIVING UP.  Solution, throw
the 486SX chip in the trash and buy a 486DX2 chip for $5 at Computer
Renaissance.  My 486 motherboard only has one IDE controller and I need
that for my 2G HD.  I tried to put a cdrom on the ribbon and set the HD
as master and the cdrom as slave but it did not like that at all!!  So I
had to do a network install, and all I have are ISA slots.  In my
opinion, the best ISA cards that you can by are 3c515 (corkscrew).  It
is a 10/100 autosense ISA NIC with dos software that allows you to
program the NIC's EPROM to set the IRQ, I/O address and DMA (no
jumpers).  RedHat 7.2 has the drivers for these on the netdrv.img for
the network install or if you are lucky enough to do a cdrom install,
kudzu will find them and configure them with no problems. I found the
3c515 on ebay for $13 each, I bought two.  Some companies on the
Internet were selling them for  $139 ea!!

I told him to make sure he had updated all the RPMs on his machine as I
know there were newer versions of the glibc stuff. 

Any other ideas?

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