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Re: Filesystems

Mark said:
> Ok, I got this 40Gig drive today - just in time for 2.4.3.  Now, how does
> ext2 stack up with reiserFS?  

It mostly sucks, other than the fact that it is stable.  I'm still
hearing stories about people losing entire filesystems running
reiserfs.  Apparently it's also a royal pain because the on-disk
format isn't 100% fixed, so you have to upgrade the userspace
utilities (fsck & such) nearly every time you upgrade the kernel. 
That said, I'm sure the stability problems will get worked out pretty

Personally, I'm still running ext2 on 2.4 boxes, and ext3 on most of
my 2.2 boxes.

Of course, you always can try SGI's xfs, IBM's jfs, etc., etc...

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