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At the last Fairview Heights meeting (March 20, 2001), the next few meeting topics were discussed, and here is the list of potentials:
> SAMBA/ Windows Integration/ VMWare/ WinLin/ WINE
> Kernel Upgrades
> Demo/ Tutorial Night ++
> LTSP - solution for migrating from Windows to Linux ++
> Shell Scripting
> Linux Router ++
> Firewalls
> IP Telephony/ PBX
Of these 9 topics, we actually have the next three (3) months' topics *and* speakers(!) covered.
They are:
17 April -- Mr. Jim Burke, along with Mr. Ken Barker will bring in a few boxes and demonstrate how they migrated from Windows to Linux in their professional environment.
15 May -- Mr. Tighe Schlottog will give a presentation on Linux Router.
19 June -- Ms. Kara Pritchard and associates will give a demo/ tutorial night over several smaller topics of interest to all.
As a reminder, these Fairview Heights meetings are still located in the SRA conference room on the dates listed above, with the meeting scheduled from 7:00-9:00 PM.
See you there!