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RE: Tutorial Day? Fairview Heights and Carbondale

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From:	Kara Pritchard [SMTP:kara@luci.org]
Sent:	Monday, March 12, 2001 1:59 PM
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Subject:	Tutorial Day? Fairview Heights and Carbondale

Hey everyone,

I was thinking that with the stagnant suggestions for meeting topics, as a
lot of topics don't seem worthy for an entire meeting, how about a
tutorial day? We can have 6-8 15 minute tutorials.

Here's the catch. Let's make it fun and more interesting by having
different people present each little tutorial. So, let's chat about some
topics... They don't all have to be major Linux topics, so anything of
interest to you, post it!


Stuff I could talk about:
How to write a program that uses plug-ins and loadable modules
(Almost) anything embedded...building a 4MB distro, etc.

Stuff I wanna know:
How to use autoconf

	BTW, sorry I missed the last C-Dale mtg...had to see a friend in Indiana (Purdue's got a LUG, doesn't it?)

Nathan Yawn

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