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Re: Domain Name Registration

James Burke said:
> Any recommendations for or against a particular company would be welcome 
> and Steve, could you email me a name or link to the company you 
> mentioned.

First, I should mention that the registrar I really like is OpenSRS,
which is run by Tucows.


They don't actually do registrations for end users directly.  Instead,
they have a system where ISPs and such can pay for blocks of domains,
then sell them to their customers.  (OpenSRS then has a nice web
interface for managing domains.)

The particular OpenSRS affiliate that I've been using is at


They're now charging $19.95 CND for registrations, which comes out to
a little over $12 in real money.  Unfortunately, when I tried to do
some stuff there yesterday, I was getting errors.  :-(  YMMV.  I
didn't have time to call them to figure out what the problem was
yesterday, so it may have legitimately been something wrong with my

I think I'm just going to get the company I work for set up as an
OpenSRS affiliate and be done with it.  I don't know if we'll bother
setting ourselves up to handle random domains though.  (All of our
stuff will be either for in-house use or for clients.)

While I *highly* recommend OpenSRS, you can look at reviews of other
registrars at


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