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If it isn't obvious from the name, the Southern Illinois Linux Users Group is a Southern Illinois group dedicated to Linux, a free unix clone developed on the Internet. Besides this web server, the users group maintains mailing lists and an ftp site. Meeting times & dates are a little up in the air right now. We'll have this page updated ASAP.

For more information, email Specific information on meetings is mailed to the announcements mailing list on a regular basis. To get on that mailing list, send email to with the line

subscribe silug-announce

in the body of the message. (There is also a list for discussions. Just substitute silug-discuss for silug-announce in the instructions above.) If you have trouble with majordomo, just send it a message with "help" on a line by itself (no quotes).

For an idea what sort of traffic to expect from the mailing lists, see the mailing list archive.

Many of the members of the users group have home pages on this and other servers. Take a look at them.

Before you ask... It does not cost money to attend meetings or be on the mailing lists, nor will it ever. We gladly accept donations to help cover our operating costs, which are small.

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