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Re: SILUG meeting

On Fri, 2013-07-19 at 18:58 -0500, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> Tomorrow is the third Saturday of the month. SILUG meeting from 4pm-6pm.

We didn't have a topic -- imagine that! :-)

However, we did talk about Fedora 19 installation differences and what
the instructions don't tell you. Myself I usually make a list of all the
RPMs in the previous version and script a yum "do loop" to reinstall
them all from that list. Steve was able to use his regular expressions
magic to strip the version numbers from my list created by "rpm -qa |
sort > rpmlist-F18.txt". I've been running that do loop now for about
three hours and it's already into the lower case "c" package names.

Steve, on the other hand, likes to upgrade from the previous version
rather than do a fresh install with a list of packages like I do.
Fedora's "fedup" (FEDora UPgrade) capability is misbehaving badly for
him and not upgrading his F18 with an encrypted filesystem. We both
think it's probably a bug in initial ramdisk processing.

Bonnie is having equally serious trouble getting F19's video to work
sanely on her laptop. Since she didn't bring it, we didn't get a chance
to look into that problem.

One thing Steve did mention was the availability of Fedora 18 for the HP
TouchPad, which all three of us have. This is a very exciting
development for me. I'd love to run Fedora on that tablet with a
bluetooth keyboard. The link for that is:


At first glance this doesn't look like it works only for Fedora 18, so
I'll be trying to install Fedora 19 with it soon.


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