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U-verse outage?

Did any other U-verse customers have trouble with DNS during the last hour or so? I had an rsync transfer suddenly time out, and my e-mail watcher was unable to connect to my remote mail server. When I was unable to ping either of my DNS servers ("Destination Host Unreachable"), I tried power cycling my 2WIRE router. Then I called AT&T.

Bad mistake. I was told by "John" (not "Peggy") that he was Level 2, but he had not the first clue what a DNS server does, what a network mask is, or what a default gateway is for.  BUT ALL WAS NOT LOST! For a fee to be negotiated (but starting at $15) he could connect me to their ConnectTech service to troubleshoot the problem.

Fortunately, my service came back on line while I was holding for ConnectTech. I can't believe AT&T expects me to pay $60/month for service PLUS an additional hourly rate to fix any of their outages. You can find more intelligent people every day working at the DMV.