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Business Tools and Resources (fwd)

Here are some interesting tidbits from the current Novell newsletter:

Introducing the Novell Open Workgroup Suite
Let's be open: Microsoft's high licensing costs put an enormous burden on
IT budgets. Many people feel like they don't have an alternative that
enables their people to stay productive. Well here's the truth: there IS
another option and it delivers the functionality you need for up to 70
percent less than you may have to pay for Microsoft* products. Announcing
the Novell Open Workgroup Suite: server and desktop components with
business-ready management tools, e-mail, collaboration and the world's
most advanced open source office productivity package. Learn more


Linux and Concurrent Real-Time Extensions for Your Data Center:
Because Latency Matters
Novell® and Concurrent know latency matters. It's the difference between
mere survival and the ability to compete aggressively in today's
demanding financial markets. With real-time Linux* computing solutions,
financial-services organizations worldwide can enjoy improved performance
in their mission-critical applications—at lower costs and with increased
Learn More: http://www.novell.com/industries/financial/real_time_survey.html


Get More and Spend Less for Your Custom Applications:
LAMP on SUSE Linux Enterprise
If you are considering deploying a LAMP stack inside your organization,
SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell may be your ideal solution. It provides
a complete foundation of LAMP components and proven network services, all
fully integrated with and tested for the distribution. SUSE Linux
Enterprise offers unique performance and security advantages and is fully
supported by the Novell Global Services organization.
Learn More: http://www.novell.com/linux/smb/lamp_survey.html


Migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9—FREE
Are you experienced with other Linux distributions but would like to know
more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9? Now you can learn how to
migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 completely free of charge.
Learn More: http://www.novell.com/training/bytopic/3019/


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