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The failure of shrinkwrap software; was *BSD

Ok -- I would not say that FreeBSD is better than Linux. It's just another Open Source tool that you can deploy.  I am not a computer professional but I think it's to my advantage to learn as much about these freely distributed OS's as possible. That is the *BSD's, Fedora Core, Debian and Slackware. 

 Sean is right; there can be some testy folks on the FreeBSD mailing lists. You just have to humor them. I understand Theo deRadt can really go ballistic at times. That being said, it's really to your advantage to learn as much as you can about these various Open Source Operating systems, if you are a systems administrator, IMHO. I think in due time companies are going to want to pay sys admins more if they know more about these license free Open Source OS'. That is instead of paying for Windows licenses, the companies hire an Open Source sys admin. The licenses merely mean that you are allowed to run the software. Hiring the man or woman who knows Open Source means that you will get the know how to make the product work not just a certificate that says you can use it for one year.

 My reason for beliving this is an essay by the retiring Microsoft VP David Stutz:
"Advice to Microsoft regarding commodity software"

Other readings that migh be of interest (indicating the eventually triumph of Open Source):
The Failure of Shrinkwrap Software 
Some Implications of Software Commodification
> On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, L. V. Lammert wrote:
> While I agree that they're more tight knit, I fail to see where emailing
> them and getting flamed is an advantage.  I've been in plenty of flame
> wars with a couple of BSD developers.  Eventually they start throwing
> around the GPL is viral and other name calling (ie, hobbiest OS) that I'd
> expect from Microsoft.  Don't get me wrong.  It's important to do your
> homework.  I just fail to see where thinking you might get flamed is a
> plus.

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