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"Learning Perl," Chapter 14, "Process Management," Page
192, gives a good idea how to do this with the system
function. Use it to call the one command, and then the

"Mastering Regular Expressions," is probably not
the way to go for this particular project.  Regular
expressions have to do with searching.

For MSDSnnnn.TIF, you might want to consider
the sprintf command to get the spacing correct.

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Quoting Harold Crouch <harold@xel.net>:

> I tried piping the two commands...
>   tiff2ps -a MSDS7009.TIF  |  ps2pdf

> I've yet to find it.  (Although I'm thinking about investing $40 for
> O'Reilly's "Mastering Regular Expressions," which I'm told will also
>   MSDSnnnn.TIF

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