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Ohio InterLUG Meeting

You guys might find this interesting. The various LUGs in Ohio are
organizing an Interlug meeting in Columbus OH.  At last count, the
following LUGs have made a committment (and a few smaller LUGs are
still cogitating over the idea):

  Akron - ALUG
  Canton - CLE
  Cincinnati - CLUG
  Cleveland - LUGC and NOOS
  Columbus - COLUG and the Open Source Club at OSU
  Mansfield - NCOLUG
  Toledo - TALUG

There has been some interlug e-mail traffic in northeast Ohio for a
couple of years now.  It started because Linux users were moving
back-and-forth between Cleveland, Canton and Columbus.  As these
people moved and got active with their new LUGs, they kept active with
their old comrades though the various mailing lists.  Next thing you
know, people who had *not* moved begin signing onto the other LUGs'
mailing lists, and pretty soon everyone knew everyone else. 

So, CLE (Canton Linux Enthusiasts) created an interlug mailing list,
which was *very* low traffic until the idea of the InterLUG meeting
popped up a couple of weeks ago. Further down in this email is a
summary of the organization activity.  At the bottom of the email is
the address of the InterLUG mailing list and of the newly created Ohio
InterLUG website.

But first, I'm going to take the opportunity to brag on CLE...  

 * One of the founding members of CLE is Paul Ferris.  Those of you
   who frequent Linux Today remember reading his "Rant Mode = 1"

 * Scott Courtney spent one year writing for Linux Today's sister web
   site - Enterprise Linux Today - where his specialty was Linux on
   mainframes.  He still lives in Canton, but now works for a
   consulting company in the Washington DC metropolitan area that 
   does nothing but Linux on mainframes. 

Yes, Ladies and Germs, I guarantee that you *will* see these guys at
the InterLUG meeting. As for me, I plan on driving over Friday evening
and returning on Sunday.

- Harold

                    Ohio InterLUG

     Columbus Ohio
     OSU Campus, CIS building (?)
     Thanks again to Nick and the Open Source Club at OSU for hosting
     the meeting.

     Saturday, October 4th, 2003
     11am to 5pm
     Setup time before, and probably before and after parties :)
               (HC: This date was chosen because the OSU 
                Buckeyes are playing out-of-town that day)

We have some candidate presenters:
     * Linux on IBM Mainframes, Scott Courtney
     * User Mode Linux, David Coulson 

Presenters that could be contacted:  
     * Linux Music and Sound, Dave Phillips 
       (recommended by Scott Patterson)

     * Enlightenment, Geoff Harrison 
       (recommended by David Coulson)

Ideas for the event:
     * Each LUG should setup a table/booth with info about their group
     * 15 minute presentation from each LUG on some of
       the more interesting things each LUG and its members are
     * Capture the Flag / Ghetto Hackers CTF event, William Lorenz
     * Meeting to discuss InterLUG possibilites

     * William Lorenz has registered ohiolinux.org to host a site with
       meeting info. Content will need to be written. There was a
       suggestion to put PostNuke on the site.
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