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Re: FVH 2 Jan meeting topic

> Kids? Heh!  Mr. Newlywed, Mr. Been-voting-for-less-than-two-presidents, *he*
> calls *me* a kid!  The only people younger than you on this list are Eric and
> Nate, and they're both in high school, waiting for drivers ed classes.  Have
> a couple kids, get a mortgage, pay for your wifes car while she sits at home
> (my choice, with no regret), work for more than half your life, then come
> call me a kid!  While you're at it, travel around the country (min. 9500
> miles) on no money (we'll look the other way if you happen to break the law),
> with no car (hitchhiking is allowed), and only the clothes you can carry in a
> single backpack (feel free to stop by truckstops to wash your clothes and
> take a shower), while successfullly avoiding predation by aggressive
> homosexuals, and we'll give you some additional life experience.  And no,
> your AF-brat MP-protected travel experience doesn't count...

Hey! Who said you could put my biography on this list!! Damn it!

> William
> (who apparently is in a bit of mood...)

I find that midol helps!


http://www.rube-goldberg.com  or how to make easy shit really hard!

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