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Re: FVH 2 Jan meeting topic

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:02:58 -0600 (CST)
 fiaid@quasi-sane.com wrote:
>> Whoo who-hoo-hooo     Whoo who-hoo-hooo
>>              Whoo who-hoo-hooo
>are you challenging me?  if so, know this, i have huge buffers and 
>infinite patience.  plus, i am really bored right now.

Oh, it sounds like a hoot!  But, I think we should take it easy on Mr.
Pritchards poor little crashing server, don't you?

>> It's a smelly world, after all, it's a smelly world after all...
>I see you have been to asia....

Actually, no, I've never crossed the borders out of the fantastic US of A,

>> (A person has two very lovley cats, a wonderfully friendly dog, and a
>> pretty blue fish, who would be just as happy with a mound of decaying
>> pets buired in a hole in the back yard.)

Was that wow for the number of mis-spellings, the lack of proper grammer, or
the sociopathic sentiment therein expressed?



William Underwood

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