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Re: FVH 2 Jan meeting topic

> Hey, you're the one who said "intraweb," which
> i[ndicate|mply|nsinudate]s http services.  Pray tell, surely you recall?  

hay, i play on intraweb all day, i r intrawebber mastah.  lowl

> Kids? Heh!  Mr. Newlywed, Mr. Been-voting-for-less-than-two-presidents,
> *he* calls *me* a kid!  The only people younger than you on this list
> are Eric and Nate, and they're both in high school, waiting for drivers
> ed classes.  Have a couple kids, get a mortgage, pay for your wifes car
> while she sits at home (my choice, with no regret), work for more than
> half your life, then come call me a kid!  While you're at it, travel
> around the country (min. 9500 miles) on no money (we'll look the other
> way if you happen to break the law), with no car (hitchhiking is
> allowed), and only the clothes you can carry in a single backpack (feel
> free to stop by truckstops to wash your clothes and take a shower),
> while successfullly avoiding predation by aggressive homosexuals, and
> we'll give you some additional life experience.  And no, your AF-brat
> MP-protected travel experience doesn't count...

/me yawns

what?  sorry, you know us kids, what with our short attention spans...

> And see all this stuff below?  That's from not threading your replys
> correctly...  And you call me a kid... Sheez!  I'll give you some credit
> though - At least you trimmed my sig and the list info.  Thanks!

you welcome.


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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