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Re: FVH 2 Jan meeting topic

Quoting fiaid@quasi-sane.com:

> i am normally sober in public.  but when i get bought this nice nice 
> whiskey, i got kinda nuts with it.

/var/nrr% cd /pub
/pub% more beer

And, yes folks, I use something other than bash.  I use zsh.

> dude, if i get the chance later, ill put up some screen shots from dark 
> age of camelot with my dude.  :)  that is his name Fiaid IsAPirateYarrr, i 
> am the most feared 1 eyed dwarf in the land!

This is coming from someone who types in 'yarr' to start X.  Interesting, aye?

I've been waiting for these.  Honestly.  I've been wanting to see screens of Fiaid.

Also, do you mind if I mail you off-list about something dealing with DAoC?

Nate Reindl, silug.org's very own anarchist
"Man's a greedy fool!" -- Red Martian

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