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Re: Networking question

Thanks for the responses!  Unfortunetly, one of the problems that I'm
encountering is that I can't run SquirrelMail from work, so I have to be
home to read and reply to them.  8-(  8-(

Adding the suggested line below (to /etc/hosts) is the thing that
stopped the warning messages.  Of course, that's not the most desirable
solution, since my IP may change.

I use services provided by TZO.com to handle the "changing IP with a
cable modem" problem.  I registered "BruneWorld.com" through them and
have a little Perl script to run that figures out my IP and sends it to
the good people at TZO.  They take care of updating the DSN servers
around the planet.

I *used* to have BruneWorld.tzo.com through TZO.  That didn't give me
the problems that I'm having now.

I think I have another problem.  I'll have to post the details later,
but basically ... after I rebuilt the machine, it will no longer let me
send email out of it to the Internet or even from one user to another. 
I get "no route to host" messages in /var/log/maillog.

Thanks again,

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 09:33, William Underwood wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:21:15 -0500
>  "William Underwood" <wllmundrwd@charter.net> wrote:
> >On 18 Dec 2002 08:03:47 -0600
> > Charlie Brune <silug@bruneworld.com> wrote:
> >>Question:  What does this message mean?  (in /var/log/messages)
> >>
> >>Dec 18 07:46:04 bruneworld xinetd[12912]: warning: /etc/hosts.allow,
> >>line 12: host name/name mismatch: bruneworld.com !=
> >>commons10k1.mo24.107.34.126.charter-stl.com
> >
> >My guess is that your "real" IP name is commons...charter-stl.com, and the
> >system in saying, "Hey, you haven't allowed yourself access to your
> >server!".
> No, wait...  That seems a little strange...  If you do this:
> nslookup commons10k1.mo24.107.34.126.charter-stl.com
> and then this:
> nslookup bruneworld.com
> they both return as:
> BUT!, if you do this:
> nslookup
> you'll get this:
> commons10k1.mo24.107.34.126.charter-stl.com
> But I don't know where to go from there... It seems like the server is trying
> to warn you about letting in unrelated domains, or that you've not allowed
> access from "yourself," as I originally said.  Try adding a line in your
> hosts file, with bruneworld.com as the first entry after the IP, like this:
>  bruneworld.com commons10k1.mo24.107.34.126.charter-stl.com
> and see what you get...
> William
> -- 
> William Underwood
> wllmundrwd@charter.net
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