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Re: OT: cisco question

> i would also like to mention that you shouldn't do anything with new
> cisco equipment when you only have 19 days (11 working days) left till
> your no longer at that job, tends to put things in a bit of a rush and
> you tend to not take notice how bad the salebloke screwed up your order
> (um wrong feature pack, and no smart net maint agreement, even though
> they were both quoted correctly on the final quote), if anyone needs me
> i'll be behind the lan station counting the number of pins on all the
> connectors on all the equipment, with my eyes closed

not that i am saying that you should, but if it were me and i had 19 days
left, i would be learning a little something about "bandwidth limiting /
choking" and implementing new "network flows".  of course, i am an evil 
bastard with all too much time on his hands if you listen to my boss.  



Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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