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Re: OT: cisco question

> Ok first I can get an enable prompt, the config is fine it's the ios
> (12.1.5) itself that doesn't support the hardware, and yes I have the
> config backed up (although it really doesn't matter as it would only
> take about two minutes to reconfigure this thing), and now after looking
> into the root of the problem it turns out the ios feature pack I was
> loading was the one sold to me for this router (I was thinking I could
> have made a mistake and put the wrong disk in my cd case), I guess it's
> still my fault for not reading through all the docs that came with the
> router and the ios feature pack (that's what I get for assuming), unless
> the "flash card" is built in the encasement (not ejectable) then no it
> doesn't have one (although I'll now be digging through the hardware
> guide to see if it does have a flash card), thanks for the idea on the
> flash card tighe

i would like to mention that you REALLY shouldn't so anything with crisco 
equip unless you got a flash card.  mostly because you can boot off of it 
incase you screw something up.  :)


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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