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Re: OT: cisco question

aren't compatibility issues fun?

> Who's up for a good stiff drink, I thought this router was a 1710
> because that would be far enough of a model difference to warrant
> software change, but i just checked the invoice and it's a 1721, which
> after looking at the product specs only works with ios 12.2 (because of
> new enhanced functionality), ahhhhhhh!  So who has the cigars
> Bob T. Kat
> "We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty." 
>   - Douglas Adams -
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> > Anyone out there ever load the wrong ios feature pack, I loaded 12.1
> > ip/ipx feature pack for 1700 routers on a 1710 (our two other 1700
> > routers are 1720's and this was a cd from one of them) and without
> > thinking I had it erase the old flash, now I have an ios that doesn't
> > see any serial ports and I get a socket error when trying to copy tftp
> > to flash, so is this as bad as it looks, any suggestions would be
> > greatly appreciated thanks
> i recommend a stong mixture of jack daniels and good cigars.
> now, tell me that you have flash cards installed and that you can
> recover.  
> not sure if that model has them or not, but i know that my 1600's did.  
> did you check the compatability matrix to see if they ios is compatible 
> with your models and memory configuration?  can you get to an enabled 
> prompt?  i would recommend running erase and then starting from scratch.
> you'll lose your configuration but you have it backed up.  right?  
> right???  ;)
> tighe

Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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