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Re: OT: cisco question

> Anyone out there ever load the wrong ios feature pack, I loaded 12.1
> ip/ipx feature pack for 1700 routers on a 1710 (our two other 1700
> routers are 1720's and this was a cd from one of them) and without
> thinking I had it erase the old flash, now I have an ios that doesn't
> see any serial ports and I get a socket error when trying to copy tftp
> to flash, so is this as bad as it looks, any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated thanks

i recommend a stong mixture of jack daniels and good cigars.

now, tell me that you have flash cards installed and that you can recover.  
not sure if that model has them or not, but i know that my 1600's did.  
did you check the compatability matrix to see if they ios is compatible 
with your models and memory configuration?  can you get to an enabled 
prompt?  i would recommend running erase and then starting from scratch.  
you'll lose your configuration but you have it backed up.  right?  
right???  ;)


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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