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Re: OT fnord was Holiday party?

> even though i don't have high hopes of getting my gf to
> go (yes i have a girlfriend in real life, some of you have even met her,
> although i think the shock of meeting tighe and nate was just to much for
> her)

heh, just remember that i am married now and have to wrangle my crap in 
when i am out in public.  no more dropping the pants and chasing the girls 
around, ala Benny Hill.  although, i think that after i got done greeting 
her she would either a) slap me or b) slap you.  for some reason women 
feel the need to take everything i say wrong.  for instance, my ex-gf in 
college once asked me "what would go well with this sweater?"  i said, "a 
pair of b00bz that are bigger than a coffee cup"  i got hit with hangers 
for like the next 5 minutes.  wtf man!  also, if asked, "does this make me 
look fat?"  DO NOT ANSWER.  IT'S A TRAP. (lol admiral akbar lol)  in any 
event, i need to get back to work.  if anyone here has made an OPSEC PKI 
CA with checkpoint and made it work email me.  i am having problems with 
the pkcs12 part.  laters.


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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