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Re: What Distro?

the trick is not to try it at home (not ours anyway, and the pritchards will
prolly be working the vid cam so they will be safe), as far as a distro for
that limited hardware it really depends on what your trying to do with it,
if you want it to be a small grade server (file print no X etc.) then you
could do the non-graphical install on suse and you would be fine, if you
want a desktop or a more usable system i would say debian would be your best
bet, i had woody on a 486 with 16 meg ram and 250 meg hdd running as a small
server with no x just fine (scary i know), debian seems to be very
minimalistic and they have apt (much love for the apt ;-), i would think
from their track record of supporting older hardware that they would be your
best bet for a fully functioning system, just my .0083 pounds though

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Subject: What Distro?

What would be a good distribution to put on a old Pentium 166 with 71 megs
of ram and sis video card. Two hard drives one 2. gig's the other 500 meg's.
It is on a wired network  with a router.

Hope you all don't get hurt at that party?

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