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Re: Holiday party?

fiaid@quasi-sane.com wrote:
> > If by "family friendly", you mean drunken geeks jumping into vats of
> > jello(tm)  naked, and debugging DVD player drivers in Linux so we can fire
> > up some pr0n, then yes, it will be :D And don't forget the llamas!
> wow, it is like our minds melded and you typed what i was thinking, but
> with better grammar.

Whoo-hoo!  You guys really know how to throw a party!  That's all I
wanted to know, so now I'll find a baby-sitter for my kids and wife, so
I can show up with my girlfriend and her female "roommate"!  BTW, llamas
are the original source of syphilis (and they're too tall!), so sheep
are much better!

Happy freaking Whore-idays!

William Underwood

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