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Re: OT: SANS 2002

> That's funny.  I'll freely admit that I tend to agree with most of
> that list.  Theo and djb especially.  :-)

See below on Larry vs. DJB.

> (Although note that as one
> of the resident raving Perl bigots on this list, I'm *not* going to
> say anything bad about Guido.  I'll say bad things about Python all
> day, but it is nothing personal with Guido.)


"Python [still] 5uck5 harder than a groupie trying to get backstage
at an N-Sync concert" -- Gnat

> So if BK is Good, and given Linus's comments on l-k it must be, I have
> *no* problem with LMV selling it.  If he wants to let some people use
> it for free, then that's even better.  If he wants to dictate who gets
> to use it for free, then that's his right.  The rest of us have the
> right to not use his software, but that's about it.

So why is this not a problem here, but is one when applied to DJB?
Ignoring the other issues with DJB, and considering just his licensing 
- or lack thereof.



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