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Re: OT: SANS 2002

(I'm not sure if it is a good idea to start talking about license
issues here.  I reserve the right to exercise my bad judgement again
later to kill this thread if it gets out of hand.  ;-)

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 10:05:35PM -0600, Sean The RIMBoy" wrote:
> The Annual Monty Widenius Ass-Kicking Tour
> Larry's in there.  Be sure to click the link to "What More?"

That's funny.  I'll freely admit that I tend to agree with most of
that list.  Theo and djb especially.  :-)  (Although note that as one
of the resident raving Perl bigots on this list, I'm *not* going to
say anything bad about Guido.  I'll say bad things about Python all
day, but it is nothing personal with Guido.)

> Now that said, Larry's other proof is obviously the BK licensing thread... 
> which incidentally turned us off on BK because other developers cannot 
> risk having their license yanked on the off chance they add a patch or 
> develop rcs type systems.

As you all well know, I prefer open-source software, but I'm not
opposed to people selling good software that happens to be
closed-source.  It's the *crap* that passes for commercial software
99.999% of the time that bugs me.  (I think VMware and most of the id
games make up the bulk of that good 0.001%, BTW.)

So if BK is Good, and given Linus's comments on l-k it must be, I have
*no* problem with LMV selling it.  If he wants to let some people use
it for free, then that's even better.  If he wants to dictate who gets
to use it for free, then that's his right.  The rest of us have the
right to not use his software, but that's about it.

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