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Re: OT: Wanted: Network Switch

Bill Debastage wrote:
>> If anyone knows someone looking to get rid of [an 8-port switch]
>> for about $25.00, let me know.

Steve, Debastage-slayer was paraphrased:
> ~$30 on a no-name 8-port switch (1-year warranty),
> ~$40 for a almost-name-brand with a 5-year warranty,
> ~$55 for a D-Link with a lifetime warranty.
> Netgear, Linksys, SMC, etc. just go up from there.

I have a Netgear I paid ~$80 for. So what do you get for the extra
money besides longer warranty (will you really still be on 10/100 in 5yrs?)
and fancy marketing? The Netgear is pretty compact, is that the norm or
part of what the premium buys you, and the $30 unit is in a mini-tower case?

Also, Steve - I found a cheap source for sturdy rack shelves.
I'll get the info to you after I get back from CA.



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