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Re: OT: SANS 2002

Quoting "Sean \\The RIMBoy\\" <sean@rimboy.com>:

> How many more years?  HS.  Can't live thru it, can't live without it.

I'm a sophomore right now, so it'll be two years come the end of this session.
> Now back to the regularly scheduled RH7.3+XFS install in progress... hey!, 

XFS is probably the best filesystem ever.  I use it on my workstation here, and
I'll use it on fileservers along with AFS as a networking option.

> one of the few things SGI are not dorks for... XFS.  Hrm... been awhile 

Damn straight.  Heh.

> since I did an NFS install.  It seems to be puking on installing perl.  
> NFS not happy...  Must muster strength...

NFS is evil.  Well, it's at least *very* insecure.

NFS = No F?cking Security

Nate Reindl

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