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Re: OT: SANS 2002

Quoting fiaid@quasi-sane.com:

> 	Are any of you going to SANS out in San Fran next week?  I am 
> going to be there and I wanted to see if anyone was going.  If not, I 
> guess I'll be forced to go out drinking with the dorks from SGI again. 

Holy sh?t!  This message is written in HONEST TO GOD ENGLISH!  /me bows

Anyway, if you can find Mr. Zawinski in San Fran, go drinking with him.  Or,
better yet, hop on over to his nightclub and antagonize him there.  Sure as hell
beats the SGI dorks, eh?

And, unfortunately, I have to attend the waste of time that is high school, so I
will not be trekking over to Cali.  Woe is me...

Nate Reindl

"My p3n 5k3315 4r 13373r 7h4n j00r5!" --Sunny Williams, Mock Trial 2002

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