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Re: Puzzling Linux + Networking Question

just a note on this, Checkpoint Firewall 1 has the same problem in the 
Solaris versions.  Namely 4.1, but if you go to sp4 you should be ok.  
Dunno if NG has it, but I should soon.


> On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 09:06:42PM -0600, KoReE wrote:
> > I have a Linux machine that is a router, and is doing IP masq'ing.
> [...]
> > When I ssh to any of the many Linux machines I have at my office (or
> > anywhere else off-site, for that matter) the connection will drop if
> > the sessions are inactive.
> Switch to iptables.  It is an inherent problem with ipchains.
> If I were any more awake, I'd explain, but in the mean time trust me
> on this.  :-)
> Steve

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