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Puzzling Linux + Networking Question

So, I've got this problem.  I have a small home network set up.  I have a
Linux machine that is a router, and is doing IP masq'ing.  Behind it, I
have various machines.  The two machines that are mine, one of which is
Win2k, the other is Redhat 7.3 (just got reconverted on the whole Redhat
thing, it is very nice), have a little bit of a problem.  When I ssh to
any of the many Linux machines I have at my office (or anywhere else
off-site, for that matter) the connection will drop if the sessions are
inactive.  I have tested this for time, and there doesn't seem to be a
consistent time.  At first, I thought this was a Windows problem, but it's
also hapening on my Linux system.  I was wondering if maybe there's
something I've screwed up with my NAT setup or something.  I've got this
same setup at some other sites, but using things like Netgear broadband
routers, etc, and this problem doesn't happen.  Any ideas?  If you want, I
can post my router NAT setup for perusal.



Koree A. Smith  | Ameth Technologies
koree@koree.net | koree@ameth.org

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