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Re: arrrr

Quoting fiaid@quasi-sane.com:

/me puts a newspaper pirate hat on your head

> 	need help.  trying to install a theme that i dl'ed from 
> themes.org.  the problem is is that i can't install it from the theme 
> chooser in sawfish.  also, does anyone wanna recommend to me a different 
> window manager?  sawfish for lack of better words, sucks ass.

You could try Metacity and see how that works.  You do have GTK2 on that
machine, don't you?

Another personal favorite of mine is Blackbox and any of the bastard derivatives
that've spawned in the last while.

Another one you might want to check out is PWM.  I like it because it's probably
the simplest thing I've seen that doesn't suck.

Just so you know, Metacity is the only one of these three, AFAIK, that supports

Nate Reindl

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