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A topic for the next O'Fallon meeting: Mailman

Okay... it's not the *only* thing we'll talk about, but I'll tell you what
I know about Mailman, the mailing-list manager I've been playing with. 
Steve P. might tell us a thing or two about Majordomo, too.

I like it for a few reasons:
  -- It came with RH 8.0, which gave me something to do since I couldn't
listen to .mp3's anymore.  8-)
  -- It's so easy to set up that even I could do it.
  -- It has a web interface.

If you'd like to see what it looks like before the meeting, you're still
welcome to join our "FOOD!" discussion list.  The web page will point you
to the archive of messages already posted, which include many fine recipes
by Steve R.  Also, since I haven't been to Sam's yet, I continue to search
for a truly decent frozen pizza.  Speak to me, pizza lovers.

There are two fun ways to join:
(a) Send an email with "subscribe" in the subject to
(b) Visit https://bruneworld.tzo.com/mailman/listinfo/fred

At the meeting, I'll show you what (few) steps I had to go through to get
Mailman set up.

Not eating pizza,

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