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Re: Mailman -- SOLVED

Quoting Gary <gary-list-silug@mygirlfriday.info>:

> Your father should give you a whoopin.

Vielleicht soll er mich angreifen?  Heh.

Read my reply.  You'd find out that I don't shed apathy to those running Windows
unless it's one of those 'deep in the core of the OS' type problems.  Like
development issues.  That's where I start to feel sorry for them.  Writing
applications under Windows OSes is an utter PITA because the API is so weird
compared to anything you'd find in the Unix world.  Stuff like Qt, Wings, GTK+,
FLTK, Xaw/Xaw3D, Athena, and xlib.  Just to name a few...

Even then, there are other toolkits (namely VCL, Qt, and Swing) that one can use
under Windows instead of the vanilla flavor that Microsoft provides.  They are
the slightest bit more bearable than the original.

Okay.  I'm done shooting myself in the foot for a while...

Nate Reindl, The Fabled Halfling.

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