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Re: October "Meeting"

You mean seemingly random off topic posts where the topic of the thread
is really "off topic", hmm, so the off topic thread would really be on
topic even though it's off topic, I love it, 

It was the day before Wednesday and the day after Tuesday:

Clearly and obviously, the halfling is in on it. Confess you bastard or
I'll throw this empty storyfoam cup generally in the direction I think
you're in!
(shhh this is secretly a modified cross post from another group)

OH AND DOGS STILL SUCK, those annoying mindless mutts


    \  / 
    /  \  

Search your pineal gland, there you will find something!

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Maybe we can just have a discussion of the concept of "Off Topic", and
that will take the place of real Off Topic topics.


On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 08:22:08AM -0500, Bob T. Kat wrote:
> > Oh my that's going to be difficult, what will his followers do, I
> > isn't it their job to make sure the OT posts keep flowing (even if
> > aren't as magnificent as the great tighe's posts)
> My other thought was to just start making wildly off-topic posts
> myself, maybe even IN ALL CAPS, but then I remembered that I don't
> have all that great of an imagination...
> Steve

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