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Re: anyone selling a 28.8 (or better) hardware modem?

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Doug Simmons wrote:

> Hi. I never connect at my house faster than 28.8...
> anybody got a hardware modem for sale?

Oh man, I almost bought a 33.6 external modem at a rummage sale this week 
for $3 :-)

Anyhow, There are some USR modems at Sam's Club for $15.

However, who's the network provider?  It's not uncommon for dial-up 
customers to only get 28.8, even less from a provider whose faster modems 
are already in use, or if your home phone line is noisy (do you ever hear 
static on your phone line?  Make sure to test that specific jack too).  
Modem connections are negotiated, they attempt the highest speed, then the 
next, then the next, until they manage to establish a connection.  It's 
unlikely to be your software modumb.

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