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SILUG: *schedule change* - Monday, 10/21/2002 Carbondale meeting

The Carbondale meetings are moving to a new day and location.
Starting next Monday, October 21, 2002, meetings will be held on the
third Monday of each month at 7 PM in Morris Library, Room 325 (Social
Studies Conference Room).

I want to thank Doug Simmons for getting us what I hope to be a more
stable meeting location.  (We have the room through the end of the
year at least.)  I also want to thank Harry Treece and Gi Vania, who
have been scheduling our rooms for the last couple of years.

And yes, you are reading this correctly.  This means that we will be
having a second meeting this month in Carbondale.  If anyone has
special requests for meeting topics, or if you need a set of Red Hat
8.0 or Mandrake 9.0 CDs, just let me know.

If nobody suggests a better topic (or volunteers to do a
presentation), the topic for this meeting will be new stuff in Red Hat
8.0, as well as stuff that's missing (xine, mplayer, ogle, xmms,

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