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Free to Any Home

I have 3 large-ish boxes of miscellaneous NEW parts.  They were sent home 
with me from a consulting firm I worked for a few years ago.  All parts 
are 94-95 genre.  There are IBM PS/2 power supplies, HP Laserjet II series 
memory cards, various memory chips, okidata & epson printer parts, 
capacitors, 486 math co-processor, keyboard/monitor stands, and a whole 
bunch of other things with lots of chips on them that I don't know what 
they are :-)  Everything's new.  I don't know if some electronics whiz can 
do anything with them or not.  I'm sure some of the parts have some value, 
but I just don't have time to catalogue it all.  I want the stuff out of 
my garage.

Anyone interested?

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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