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I have 4 pentium 90's with 32 megs of ram and i think 1.2, or 2 gig hard drives.  They all have ethernet, video, etc...  I'm trying to get rid of them for 35 dollars a piece.  I can meet you, or bring them anywhere in the O'Fallon area.  I also have a pentium pro 200, with 64 megs of ram, same specs as others.  Looking for 45 for it.  They will all make good routers/firewalls, or are great for running console linux/unix.  I have a NEC multisync 4fge for sale as well.  It's a 15 inch NEC monitor.  I got it with the computers it seems to perform very well.  If anyone is interested in an extra monitor, it will go for 35 as well.  Power cords are included with all, if you have any questions please let me know.