My Cats

In an effort to waste precious bandwidth, I will soon put even more pictures of my cats here. If you want to see them, or you like wasting bandwidth, please come back soon.


Baby standing on Kara's computer Baby relaxed on the back of a chair Baby is probably my favorite cat. My parents gave him to Kara and me when he was two weeks old. Apparently his mother (Bandit) stopped taking care of him and the rest of his litter when he was only a week old. The rest of the litter died, but my father rescued him. For the next week, my parents took care of him (and apparently did an excellent job), then Kara and I got the fun task of bottle-feeding the little rugrat.

Baby and Doogie getting along Baby and Doogie again I'm not sure that Baby realizes that he's not human. For the most part, he acts like a cat, but at least some of that he probably learned from Doogie. It doesn't help any that he's polydactyl, meaning he has an extra toe on each of his paws (the ones on his front paws look disturbingly like opposable thumbs), and he's one of the more intelligent cats I've had.

Baby is a black, fuzzy little beast. His features don't show up well on photographs, much less scans of photographs that have been saved as JPEGs. I had to adjust the next two pictures a bit to get any of his features to show up. The next two pictures are links to the unedited scans, if you'd like to see what I mean.

Close-up of Baby in my lap Baby on his back in my lap

Baby was born on April 27, 1996 (give or take a day or two).


Doogie Doogie sitting on the stairs Doogie is really Kara's cat, but he likes me...