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64-bit Flash for Linux - addendum

Woops. I left out a couple of cleanup steps between 3. and 4.

3.1. Disable Netscape plugin wrappering of libflashplayer.so by
editing /etc/sysconfig/nspluginwrapper to insert


after :packagekit* and before the trailing " in the export IGNORE_WRAP=
        # List of plugins what are excluded from wrapping
        # Names of plugins are separated by ':'
        export IGNORE_WRAP="libtotem*:libjavaplugin*:gecko-mediaplayer*:mplayerplug-in*:librhythmbox*:packagekit*:libflashplayer*"

3.2 Delete any wrapped libflashplayer entries that may already exist:

        # rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins-wrapped/nswrapper*libflashplayer.so
        # rm /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins-wrapped/nswrapper*libflashplayer.so
I have also removed the gnash and gnash-plugin packages, but that might
not be necessary.

--Doc Savage

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