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Re: F14 installation

I installed Fedora 14 on my laptop a couple nights ago.  I was hesitant 
to try it because I've been using debian distros for years, but I have 
to admit that I was blown away.  I still had to use the noacpi noapic 
and nomodeset flags at the boot line to get the Live CD to load 
correctly on my laptop, but once it was installed, I didn't have to 
modify the boot line at the OS select screen and then modify grub files 
so it will boot correctly (unlike Ubuntu and Mint).  Everything just 
worked....sound, video, wifi.  The graphics worked a little too well.  
It was using 1400x1050 resolution.  It looked very sharp, but I noticed 
that if I had something full screen and needed to scroll up or down, it 
was VERY choppy and terribly slow.  I set the resolution to 1280x1024 
(what I've always used before) and the choppiness went away, although my 
display isn't quite as sharp now.  I was also impressed by the 
installation options that aren't present in Ubuntu or Mint (LVM 
groups/slices, RAID, ability to install/connect to SAN).  It also 
installed much faster on my system than Ubuntu or Mint did.  I'm running 
the Gnome (default) version on a laptop from 2003 that has a Pentium 4, 
2.4 Ghz processor with 2 GB of ram and it doesn't feel bogged down.  I 
had expected it to be limping along, but it's actually handling it 
pretty well! To those that might be on the fence about trying it out, I 
say give it a shot.


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