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OT: Giving away - $81,000 in computer equipment

  You want an $80K piece of computer equipment?  In one package?  Less than 
50lbs?  Current scrap value of less than $20?  Read on...

  So, I've had this old mainframe hard drive for about 10 years now.  I think 
it's really, really cool, but it is (all opinions aside) rather large and hard 
to store.  So, the wife has convinced me that it's time to say good bye.  I'm 
going to give it away to someone who gives their word that they won't just take 
it to a scrapyard for the $20 worth of copper/aluminum that it consists of...

  The drive is a "drop in" drive, consisting of the platters, spindle and read-
heads.  It weighs about 45 lbs (the label marks it as 70, but I'd say it's much 
less), consists of plastic and metal housing, and comes with the rubber gaskets.

  It has been sitting outside the last 6 months or so, but previously was stored 
in my shed.  I would venture to say it's not usable, even if you did have the 
drive cabinet and accompanying equipment.

  Yes, drive cabinet and accompanying equipment.  Feel free to correct me, but 
I believe this series of drives is what prompted the "30/30" and "Winchester" 
phrases back in the day, due to the fact that each drive allowed for 30 MB of 
storage, and were usually installed in pairs.  This led to them being called 
30-30's...  What I have looks just like this here:


  Still interested?  Want it?  Know someone who does?  Reply or forward my 
message to that party, I'd love to from you/them.  For the really interested,
I've got pictures of the actual unit...


William Underwood

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