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Stallman speaking at UMSL 4/23 (fwd)

In case any of you haven't heard already...

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7PM, Monday April 23.  A reception follows after the talk.

It's free but they'd like you to RSVP, presumably so they have enough
goodies for the reception.  RSVP by calling (314) 516-5789.

Entitled “The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System,”
Dr. Richard Stall man will serve as guest lecturer for the Annual Spencer
and Spencer Lecture. The event is made  possible by a gift from  alumnus
Bob Spencer (B.A. Mathematics ’72).

The goals of the Free Software Movement will be discussed. This will
include the movement's ultimate aspiration of total cyberspace liberation.
The philosophy of the movement will be considered. The history of the GNU
operating system, which is entirely composed of free software, will be
explored. The creation of the system is widely considered the genesis of
the Free Software Movement. The status of the GNU operating system also
will be discussed. In combination with the kernel Linux, the system is now
used by tens of millions of users world-wide.

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