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Re: Installing software without a package manager

Steven Pritchard <steve@silug.org> wrote:
> More on this topic:

And I said Livna.ORG's drivers have bitten me in the @$$ too many
times.  They've made some really _simple_ mistakes (like rebuilding
for the wrong arch, a missed option, etc...) too many times for my

It's less hassle for me to just create the RPM myself.  ;->

BTW, about a year ago, I _agreed_ 100% on the fedora-devel list with
the fact that Red Hat / Fedora community should _not_ have to support
people who run with nVidia's drivers.  Unfortunately people turned it
into a political ball of non-sense that had _nothing_ to do with
that, and totally got their facts wholly incorrect.  Thank God for
people like Alan Cox who know how to put an end to that.

Now, again, I'm really on nVidia to have their installer generate a
RPM, Deb and other package "real-time" instead of just directly
replacing files.  Of course, when you're modifying config files like
/etc/xorg.conf -- what do you do when it is "uninstalled"?

Such issues plague Sun's Java RPM as well.  Especially when you start
dorking with the "alternatives" setup and the hacked
gcj/libgcj/classpath junk.  Not even jpackage solves all those

Case-in-point:  Not everything is solved by RPMs.  ;->

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