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Re: azrues and selinux

if you have a dlink router in front of your linux box, turn the linux
firewall off as the dlink will be a good enough firewall for your purposes

hbrhodes wrote:
> k.  does anyone know what is up with the firewall?  i cannot use the
> firewall (must disable it) so i can seed properly with azuerus.  i
> look d around a little for this info, not much.  i set up my router (a
> d-link 515 i think) so that it allows BT through on the required
> ports.  i've told iptables to let BT through.  and even though i told
> the security level to allow 6881:tcp, 6881,udp to go through, if the
> firewall is on, azureus dies (seeding).  i have not told it to trust
> the device eth0, not sure if that would be appropriate ... should i
> turn the firewall back on and tell it to trust the device eth0?  

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