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Re: OT: Broadband in Springfield, IL area

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:30:41 -0600, Laszlo Acs wrote:
> I'm in Springfield - SBC offers DSL in town and in Chatham, rates
> are comparable to the St Louis area - but...  I personally use
> Insight Broadband through the local cable company - cost $45/month.
>  There are at least three ISP's offering wireless DSL, service is
> reasonable at roughly $30/mo. but weather related problems do occur.
> Laszlo

FWIW, I live a few miles East of Springfield and have WDSL through 
Springnet. During very heavy rain/snow like we've had recently and 
over the past few years we've never had a weather related outage here 
with the Breezecom equipment they use. In REALLY heavy rain I've 
noticed slightly slower downloads but can't say for sure it wasn't 
some other system factor. We have a 384KB connection.


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