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Re: Time to Purchase a Cable Modem!

On Monday, Jan 3, 2005, at 15:36 US/Central, hcrouch@mchsi.com wrote:
> Before I jump in, does anyone have good or bad experiences with this 
> product?
> Is there another cable modem on the market that I should consider?

This is not a commentary on your particular Netgear model, but in my 
experience I prefer to have a NAT/Router/FW that is separate from the 
cable modem and the WiFi.  In diagram form:

{internet}--{cable modem}--{NAT/Router/FW}--{WiFi}

In that way, one can get a cheap cable modem and wifi (WAP), and spend 
the bucks on the NAT/router/FW.  I have yet to find an all-in-one 
package that works decently.  Most firmware of the all-in-ones seems to 
be geared towards the low-end consumer market, which tends to mean 
limited features for FW/routing.  In addition, most people I know have 
to powercycle their wifi every so often (for me, every couple of days.) 
  Again, this has been my experience with various flavors of Netgear, 
SMC, Linksys, Belkin, and D-Link WiFi, and is not a commentary on the 
particular Netgear model you are looking into.

Just my limited experience and $0.02.

- Robert
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