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Re: smbclient tab completion

On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 09:27, Robert Citek wrote:
> Is there a tab-completion on the remote side for smbclient?
> I've been able to connect from a Linux box to a Win2003 server using 
> smbclient, which is kind of like an ftp client.  What I'd like to use 
> is tab completion.  While tab-completion does exist, it tab-completes 
> for the local machine (linux) rather than the remote machine (win2003). 
>   Is there a way to enable tab-completion for the remote site?  Is there 
> some kind of switch?  Man pages and googling haven't revealed anything 
> obvious, yet.

I would assume a remote procedure call (RPC) would be required for a
remote filesystem.

NFS, SMBfs and other user space support for network filesystem kernel
VFS mounts would provide this.  I assume smbclient does not.

Interesting problem though, one that _might_ have a solution -- if not
should be a hack to smbclient itself.

Bryan J. Smith                                    b.j.smith@ieee.org 
Subtotal Cost of Ownership (SCO) for Windows being less than Linux
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assumes experts for the former, costly
retraining for the latter, omitted "software assurance" costs in 
compatible desktop OS/apps for the former, no free/legacy reuse for
latter, and no basic security, patch or downtime comparison at all.

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